Wedding & Special Events


Complete coverage, that’s just your Style! 

unnamedWe’ve recorded over 700 weddings since 1990. There’s a certain flow for every wedding event. After 25 plus years in the wedding business, we’ve learned how to recognize and work within the rhythm of each couple’s special day.


 Coverage the foundation of a great video 

We know that cost is important to everyone, however, content, coverage times, capturing memories, creativity and flexible playback options are also important.

We start with great coverage by professional wedding videographers and add in professional, post-production editing for a timeless video. We want to capture your wedding day memories so that you will be able look back on the details of your beautiful event. A quality video is the ONLY way to relive the special moments in full motion, with sound.

Style just the way you like it 

Your wedding video should be fun and interesting to watch. Many couples now opt for a beautiful highlights video. But, this shouldn’t mean that you have to miss the details of those special moments. There is a better way to get a beautiful video, without sacrificing how much footage you see.

We offer a choice of two types of editing styles. This way your wedding video will look just like you always imagined. Both edit styles have their own special features. Both create a video that you’ll treasure forever.

We will also design custom packages to meet your needs.

Keepsake Package 

We start with a base package to insure that every couple receives the same quality and coverage. From there, we capture footage and edit that footage within the type of style that you choose.

The Keepsake Package includes: 

  •  Two manned cameras and two videographers for your ceremony
  •  One manned camera and one videographer for your reception
  •  Two wireless microphones
  •  Up to five hours of coverage
  •  Complete post-production editing (choose from two styles)
  •  DVD or MP4 computer file

We capture your ceremony with two manned cameras and two professional, wedding videographers. This allows us to record from the front and back. Having two angles allows us to record a wide variety of coverage for you. We capture the back of the Bride’s dress coming down the aisle, the officiant, readers, Bride and Groom up front and your family in the audience.

The two cameras allow us change angles approximately every 10 seconds. During editing, these varied shots are mixed together to give you the quick scene changes that are our specialty. And, the best part is that this huge variety of coverage means that everyone will relive your ceremony and see more than they were ever able to witness live.

Our professional microphones are wireless and are placed on the Officiant and the Groom or a nearby sound speaker. These are not P.A. mics to send your voice to the guests. Our mics are used only to clearly record the audio of your vows, ring exchange, special readings and music to your video. The audio is captured loud and clear so that you can hear everything. Even an outside event, with lots of ambient sound, can be recorded professionally.

The base package includes five hours of coverage time. You choose the start time that you want, however, the coverage must begin at the ceremony site. From there, we will move with you if your reception is at a different location.


Video Package 


Pricing | Keepsake Package

  • Northshore $1,250

  • Southshore $1,375

(excludes French Quarter and Downtown locations)

Additional Services 

Creative Cam – $375.00 

Add a special manned camera to record separate creative shots of your ceremony and reception. These are specialty scenes that require additional time and finesse. Our standard wedding videographers cannot record these shots due to time constraints. Includes up to five hours of coverage by a creative videographer.

Additional Manned Camera – $175.00 

An additional videographer to record at the ceremony only. This camera is in addition to our two main cameras . More cameras allow for better coverage of your event.

Additional Unmanned Camera – $75.00 

An additional camera that provides a stationary wide shot or unique angle that our main videographers cannot capture.

Additional hour of coverage – $100.00 (1 videographer); $175.00 (2 videographers) 

If you need more time, you can request additional hours of coverage. May be reserved prior to event day or spontaneously during your reception (if we have no conflicts with another booking).

Basic Highlights Video – $125.00 

Every couple deserves to show off their special day. We can create a simple highlights video that you can share on social media or email to family. This 3-5 minute highlights video has special effects and is set to the music of your choice. It can also be added to the end of your main wedding video as a special closing.

Photo Show – $75.00 

A moving photo show that is created from 30 photos of the Bride and Groom, with special effects and music of your choice. Great as an opening or closing to the final wedding video.

Extended Photo Show – $150.00 

Up to 100 photos of Bride, Groom, Bridal party and family. Set to music of your choice, with moving photo effects added. This is a fantastic way to celebrate at a Rehearsal Dinner, prior to the start of a Ceremony or to play during the Reception. It’s a real crowd pleaser!

Raw footage – $75.00 

Purchase the unedited, raw footage of your event so you don’t miss a thing. This footage is especially important for those couples who chose our Cinematic edit style.


Special Events can include an Anniversary ceremony, “Coming Of Age” celebration, holiday or birthday parties and more.

The cost to record Special Events can vary greatly because each event is different.  The cost will vary mostly based on the number of cameras and videographers required.  Editing services are usually covered in the recording fee.

When a large group is involved, it is common to have everyone share in the cost of the event recording.  In this case, the total cost would include a DVD copy for each participant.

Slideshows and Picture Montages